RITA KHIN is a Yangon-based photographer and is a member of Thuma Collective, initiated in 2017 which include five women photographers from Myanmar who are dedicated to visual storytelling.

Rita’s works primarily cover gender diversity, women issues and LGBT related stories. She mostly covers her photography stories on her on terms and often works for international organizations.

She began her photography career by first attending a documentary photography workshop organized by Yangon Photo Festival. Since then, she has been cultivating her photography work extensively.

In 2018, She was selected to participate in VII’s Foundation “Burmese’s Days Photography Workshop” with two well-renowned mentors from VII agency, Philip Blenkinsop and Daniel Schwartz. In 2019, She was selected as a fellow to attend the Angkor Photo Festival. 

Currently, she is working at a farmers-focused social enterprise called Proximity Designs as an in-house photographer. 

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